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What the Color of Your Front Door Says About Your Personality

The color of your front door might be down to trends or fashion, but it can reveal a lot about your personality, new research reveals.

London estate agent Marsh & Parsons has teamed up with international color consultancy, Pantone, to carry out research on what your choice of front door color can suggest about the type of person you are.

According to the study, many people prefer their front door in black, white, gray, and navy. But what is the significance in terms of the owner's personality? Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, reveals all:

"Black (or Black Onyx as we refer to it internally) is elegant, powerful, and prestigious," she says.

"Indeed, it is imposing, sleek and chic. White is simple, crisp and pristine and often favored by those going for a minimalist look. Gray is timeless and classic, so doesn't run the risk of going out of fashion.

"Navy is authoritative and trustworthy, while Green is calm, quiet and soothing. Red is quite the opposite. Instantly recognized as offering good cheer, a front door in True Red is more likely to be preferred by commanding, dynamic and engaging individuals.

"Purple suggests those with a penchant for the dramatic, Minion Yellow is warm and welcoming conveying a sense of optimism and uplift. Pink Lavender is youthful and spirited while opting for a natural stain is rustic and comforting."

Front door color meanings

Black: elegant, powerful, and prestigious

White: simple, crisp, and pristine

Gray: timeless and classic

Navy: authoritative and trustworthy

Green: calm, quiet, and soothing

Red: commanding, dynamic, and engaging

Purple: dramatic

Yellow: warm, welcoming, and optimistic

Pink Lavender: youthful and spirited

Natural stain: rustic and comforting

"You can't be scientific about people's choice of color but clearly someone who chooses black ... is probably inclined towards an imposing first impression that suggests power and prestige," said Alex Lyle, sales director of Marsh & Parsons.

"But someone who paints their front door a vibrant pink or yellow is making a statement that life should be fun.

"We would not suggest that a particularly outlandish color might affect a sale, but psychologically, people might subconsciously be more attracted to a house which reflects their own personality."


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