The REal scoop – What 2017 has in store for you.

So what’s the scoop? Real Estate is in itself a paradox. It is the ever-changing market with new gadgets and gizmos and yet seemingly constant and steadfast industry that definitely keeps things interesting. What we know are three big facts. The fed announced an interest rate hike for the first time since 2006; The inventory has somewhat continued to remain scarce therefore allowing prices to continue to rise; And even though rates are going up and inventory is low, buyers are everywhere and so is the availability for them to get credit. What does this mean to you? Well it depends on which end of the spectrum you fall on. Are you a buyer or a seller? Or are you both? If you’re a buyer, and y

It’s just business: How to let go of your house

Regardless of what went into the decision to sell your home, you most likely didn’t make it lightly. An addition to the family, relocation for a new job, divorce, downsizing, the death of a spouse and financial problems are just a few of the reasons Americans have for selling their homes. Your reason is, in real estate terms, your “motivation for selling.” Sounds a bit impersonal, doesn’t it? After all, this home is full of memories – both good and bad. Your home is more than the place you store your things, and more than protection from the elements — it’s where you have celebrated holidays, raised children and spent time with the people you love most. These experiences and memories may be

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