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How to Entertain For the Holidays in a Super Small Space

The holidays are quickly approaching and you've likely been thinking about throwing a party or hosting a dinner to celebrate. If you have a small space, like an apartment, holiday entertaining can sometimes feel daunting. From having a space to serve food to ensuring that people have enough space to mingle, small apartments can make you feel like hosting isn't in the cards for you.

Thankfully, we have some great tips and tricks for how to host guests in small spaces, like apartments, so you can make the most of the holiday season.

1. Clean your apartment as much as possible.

The cleaner and more uncluttered your space is, the better. In addition to vacuuming and wiping down countertops, put away any unnecessary décor. Consider clearing everything off of your bathroom counters and corralling papers and magazines into one place. This is a great opportunity to do a mini deep clean of your space in preparation for the holiday season.

2. Rearrange the furniture in your apartment.

modern dining room

Don't be afraid to move your furniture around to maximize space. For example, you can push your furniture against the walls to make more space for guests to mingle. Or, remove the bar stools for the night and stash them in your bedroom. The more floor space there is, the better.

3. Strategize your menu.

If you have a small apartment, you likely have a small oven, too. Maximize your space by setting out cold appetizers for guests to enjoy while you are waiting for hot things to cook or bake. This is a great chance to test out your skills for creating an Instagram-worthy charcuterie board for people to enjoy before the meal.

4. Use all of your counter space.

This goes hand in hand with cleaning and decluttering. Clear everything you can off of your counters so you can fill them with food and drinks. Use decorative plates and trays to add dimension. Also, consider using tiered trays to give you more space to put food on.

5. Choose a place in your apartment for coats and bags.


The fall and winter months mean bags, coats and boots. Choose a space to put everything so your guests don't have to carry things around or wonder which corner they left them in. We suggest using your bedroom for coats and bags or clearing out a space in a front closet for guests to hang things.

6. Keep traffic flowing.

At most parties, people cluster in the kitchen or around the food, but with a small space, this isn't usually possible. Break up that traffic by putting food and drink stations in various places around your apartment. You can also use your coffee table, kitchen table and the kitchen counter for food. Clear off your bar cart and make it a drink station. This will help keep things moving and avoid people clustering in one space.

7. Create ambiance.

A party's success is largely dependent upon the mood the host creates. Small spaces don't have room for tons of decor, so get creative. Consider turning down the lights a bit and adding holiday-scented candles and strings of Christmas lights. The lowered lighting will help create a more relaxed and festive mood. Put on crowd-pleasing music that is quiet enough for people to talk over but loud enough to be heard. Consider changing the music as the mood of the party evolves, which will keep people engaged.

8. Keep an eye on the apartment's temperature.


A lot of people can cause a small space to heat up quickly. Make sure you cool your apartment down with fans before the party starts so it's a comfortable temperature when guests arrive. Consider cracking a window or letting people go outside (if you have an outdoor space) to get some fresh air.

9. Plan as much as possible in advance.

Our final tip for hosting the holidays in your small apartment is to plan ahead. The more you have done before the party, the more relaxed you will be. Move your furniture a few days in advance so you can get the spacing right. Prep all of the food you can the day before. Clean and declutter the week prior. The less you have to do on the day you host your holiday party, the better.

Source: Rings,Abigail. "How to Entertain For The Holidays In A Super Small Space" Doorsteps. Web.


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