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Sell your home in a weekend?

Find out more about our Unique Listing Service called the Advanced Home Sale

With over 17 years of experience in Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Finance, and an extensive history in both Los Angeles and Orange County, One Realty Group is here to be your ONE source for any and all Real Estate and Lending Needs.


ONE company that can assist you in every aspect of the real estate process.


ONE company to provide you with more than just ONE way to sell or buy a home.


ONE firm that can take you through each step and ONE promise – You will walk away happy.


One Realty Group prides ourselves on the fact that we take the guess work out. We make the process of Buying or Selling your home seamless and virtually transparent. There are no surprises. We value our clients and put the control back in their hands.


Our team is there to fully make your experience with our firm ONE to remember.

One Realty Group

The Advanced Home Selling System (Weekend Sale) was created in response to changing market conditions, the change in the way buyers were looking for homes and the absolute necessity to sell a home for highest market value in the shortest amount of time possible.


Many of our long-term clients needed to sell FAST, for top dollar, and without having to keep their home on lockbox or open for several weeks.

Utilizing technology, an understanding how the Multiple Listing Service works, where the information is sold, and who is relying on that information helped us create a system where we can compress the market into one weekend and attract large groups of buyers all at once.


We applied our understanding of what the buyer and sellers both need in the process and employed our knowledge of technology, and the Advanced Home Selling was born.  


Advanced Home Selling Works. It works without long-term contracts. It gets our sellers several offers each and every time so they can choose the best offers, with several backup offers in place.

Advanced Home
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