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The Story of Grandview

Most people want to sell their property for the highest amount and in the quickest amount of time. Complications usually arise and only the courageous can beat the odds. This is the story of a successful sale, beginning with a difficult circumstance and finishing with outcome worth noting and celebrating.

My name is Shilo McGrew and I am a Realtor® in the Southern California area. I know that selling a home can be a daunting experience, and that certainly couldn’t be more true following the death of a loved one. Trust sales can be a complicated transaction, especially coupled with the emotional aspect of the client dealing with loss.

My clients came to me through a good friend and trust attorney. The home of their deceased father was to be sold as part of the trust and split among the three surviving family members. The Initial meeting with my clients involved sitting them down and providing them pertinent market data regarding their home and homes in the surrounding area. It was clearly visible that this home was in a state of disrepair, however, it sat on coveted horse property that was in a very desirable area in Orange County. I knew that with our system and our team, I could sell it and sell it quickly.

Upon educating my clients, we sat down to make a plan. The first step was to clear out the house that was filled with years and years of accumulated artifacts and memories. This was our biggest hurdle. With the open house set for only three weeks out, we knew that we had to get to work, and fast!

I quickly called an estate sale facilitator, and they were able to help the homeowners with the removal of some of the artifacts and accumulated collectibles that they no longer wanted or had need for. Not only did they help in clearing things out, but it provided for some extra funds for our clients that they had not anticipated.

When the estate sale was complete, we went with one of our vendors and had the remaining items in the home cleared out and disposed of. The home was then staged and ready for the open house.

We knew this house would sell quickly, and shortly after listing the property offers began flying in! The initial offers were encouraging and we knew that by using our system we would stimulate more interest and potentially more offers. And that is exactly what happened!

The open house was held over two days and open for only six hours. We were inundated with over 29 offers, of which several were above list price. There were over 300 visitors that came through the house and took a look. By that evening, all offers were in and we were able to submit them to my clients. Yes, that night they received the offers. By the end of the next day we had accepted an offer and began the escrow process.

I am pleased to say we were able to close escrow right on schedule within 30 days of accepting the offer. I am even more tickled to say it was sold to a lovely little family who has plans to expand the home and improve the grounds with a pool and a play park for their two young daughters.

Let me quickly summarize what happened… This Yorba Linda property was open for only 6 hours, received 29 offers and sold for $64,000 over list price! I could not be more delighted with the outcome, and most importantly, my clients were incredibly satisfied with the process!

The greatest aspect of my job is not only helping others but also educating them. Doing so allows my clients to make informed decisions and get the maximum value for their property. My team and I work cohesively and diligently to ensure that all of our clients get maximum return on their sale of their home. Not only did we sell a home, but we also brought a new family to an amazing neighborhood! Now it is time to celebrate!


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