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Buy Your Next Home By Renting Out Your Current One!

The average rental lease rates are extremely HIGH in Orange County. Renters are paying top dollar to rent single family homes and we have found a way that you could potentially profit from this. Have you ever considered renting out your home?

It sounds a bit strange, but by renting out your current home, you could buy your dream home and use the rent collected to offset your new mortgage.

Curious how about the average rental rates in your area? Here are a few home lease averages* in various Orange County cities…

  1. Brea Average: $3,290 or 4 bed, 3 bath Lot Sq Ft: 6,298 House Sq Ft: 2,070

  2. Yorba Linda Average: $3,896 for 4 bed, 3 bath Lot Sq Ft: 11,675 House Sq Ft: 2,658

  3. Fullerton Average: $3,175 for 4 bed, 3 bath Lot Sq Ft: 7,329 House Sq Ft: 1,987

  4. Anaheim Hills Average: $3,649 or 4 bed, 3 bath Lot Sq Ft: 12,652 House Sq Ft: 2,401

  5. Irvine Average: $4,271 for 4 bed, 3 bath Lot Sq Ft: info not available House Sq Ft: 2,417

  6. Tustin Average: $3,727 for 4 bed, 3 bath Lot Sq Ft: 5,514 House Sq Ft: 2,209

  7. Newport Beach/Coast Average: $9,111 for 4 bed, 4 bath Lot Sq Ft: 6,437 House Sq Ft: 2,837

  8. Laguna Beach Average: $7,491 for 3 bed, 3 bath Lot Sq Ft: 6,403 House Sq Ft: 1,891

Don’t see your city listed? Contact us however it’s convenient to you, and we’ll give you the averages in your area and do a free evaluation of what your options are!

1.800.257.6021 //

So what if you don’t currently own your home?

Are you one of those renters paying top dollar for a lease and not building equity of your own? Stop spending all your hard earned money on rent and instead invest in your future! With rents this high, it makes no sense not to look into owning your own place. Average mortgage prices are still well below rental rates and that is with the recent rate increase too! It may be time to give us a call to see what your options are.

If you are interested in investing in another property or becoming a homeowner, we can walk you through the steps. If you have questions, we’ve got answers!

*Averages are closed leases of single family, detached residences with information gathered from the MLS as of 7/30/18.

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