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Best Things to Buy in the Spring

Spring is finally here! The warmer weather may tempt some shoppers to hit the stores looking for deals. During the months of March, April and May sales abound on everything from household items to electronics, which can add up to big savings when you’re planning a major purchase. If you’re thinking of doing a little retail therapy to cure your cabin fever, here are some great spring buys that won’t break your budget.


March is a great month for chocolate lovers who are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. Once Valentine’s Day is over, retailers mark down those heart-shaped boxes which means you can stock up on all your favorite chocolate treats for less. When April rolls around, you can pick up those chocolate bunnies and peanut butter eggs for a discount after Easter.

Frozen Foods

If you’re a fan of TV dinners or frozen vegetables you’ll want to mark National Frozen Food month on your calendar. Throughout the month of March, you should be able to find plenty of sales on frozen foods and coupons for your favorite brands. It’s best to make sure that you’re storing the items you buy properly so they don’t go to waste.


Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended trip across the globe, having the right luggage is key. March is a good time to score some serious savings on all the gear you need since it’s between major travel seasons. If you’re planning for your summer vacation, you should still be able to find deals through April and May.

Cookware and Kitchen Items

May and June are peak months for graduations and weddings. As the season gets closer, you’ll see more sales for potential gift items. If you’re planning on picking up some pots and pans for your niece who’s headed off to college or a high-end mixer for your best friend who’s getting married, April is a prime time to snag these items on sale.

Digital Cameras

Generally, digital cameras start going on sale in February when retailers start rolling out the new year models. But you can still find some great buys in March and April.


If you’re in the market for a new home, waiting until the spring to buy may work in your favor. The buying and selling season gets underway starting in March when inventories tend to be highest. Just keep in mind that while you’ll have plenty of homes to choose from, you’ll have also have more competition from other would-be homeowners.


May is the best month for buying a new mattress since retailers are gearing up for the Memorial Day sales. Depending on where you shop, you may be able to save as much as 60% on a new mattress. You may even be able to get your new mattress delivered and your old one hauled off for free.


Buying clothes at the end of the season is always a smart way to save. That means that if you need a new winter coat but you don’t want to pay the full retail price, it’s a good idea to hit the racks in March. If you’re looking for deals on warm weather gear, you can usually find deep discounts on spring clothing during the month of May.

Office Furniture

Prices on office furniture tend to start dropping in May which is great if you’re in the market for a new desk or an ergonomic chair. Sales tend to carry over into June but make sure you plan your purchase before the back-to-school season gets underway since prices will start to climb again.

Bottom Line

Finding great bargains is all about timing, so it pays to keep an eye on pricing trends. When spring fever sets in it’s tempting to splurge, but you can keep your bottom line in check if you know when to shop.

Lake, Rebecca. "Best Things to Buy in the Spring." Smart Asset. 6 March 2017.


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