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The 6 Best Houseplants For the Green Thumb Newbie

We’ve all seen those photos on Instagram and Facebook, the ones with those lush, green indoor plants spilling all over the kitchen and living room of some loft in the city or adorable home in the suburbs. Although indoor gardens seem to be trending, people have been using plants and succulents as a way to decorate their homes for years now. An indoor urban jungle is a perfect way to add a little loveliness to your home without breaking the bank.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, plants also reduce the carbon dioxide levels in your home and boost your mood. If the thought of taking care of plants fills you with more anxiety than excitement, we’ve come up with a list of plants that are harder to kill than your nail-biting habit from grade school.


1. The Aloe Plant

In addition to having a cool, edgy texture and look, chances are one of your favorite moisturizers or sunburn creams is made with this plant (hello, aloe vera). Since it’s technically a succulent, it’s best to water your aloe plant until it soaks through to the bottom of the pot, then once the soil is dry again (which takes a surprisingly long time) water it again. The aloe plant is dormant in the winter, so it requires water even less often during those cold months.

Wikimedia Commons

2. The Snake Plant

The snake plant is commonly known as the “mother-in-law’s tongue” plant due to the sharp nature of its leaves. It's an eye-catching option, and just like the aloe plant, it only requires being watered when the soil is dry.

3. The Dracaena Plant

Dracaena’s are the perfect plants for a bright windowsill in your office or apartment, but they can also thrive in darker settings. This plant removes pollutants like benzene and trichloroethylene from the air, so do your best to keep its soil moist to keep reaping its benefits. If you do happen to neglect your dracaena for a period of time, don’t fret; this species responds quickly to proper care.

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4. The Air Plant

Air plants are by far the easiest plant to take care of on this list. The plant doesn’t need soil at all. Yes, you read that right — no soil required! Air plants are epiphytes, which means they grow on other plants or objects and have no attachment to the ground or other base sources. In nature they obtain moisture from rain or water vapor, so just spritz this magical plant once or twice a week and you’re good to go.

5. The Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palm is the definition of indoor jungle goals. It can grow anywhere from four to 12 feet, making it a showstopping fixture in any home. What sets the bamboo palm apart from other palm trees is its ability to grow even in low-light conditions.

6. English Ivy

Spruce up your fireplace or bookshelf with this beautiful hanging plant. Although it requires a decent amount of light, English ivy is similar to the aloe and snake plant when it comes to hydration. Simply allow the soil to dry out a bit on top before watering it again.

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