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5 Reasons to Buy This Winter

Cold weather compounded with the holiday frenzy aren't the typical backdrop for buying a home. Last minute shopping trips and holiday gatherings typically put the home search on pause. Resuming your home search in the new year might seem like the easiest thing to do, but why wait? Homes are on the market now, and sellers need their listings to move. It might be time to reconsider the advantages of purchasing during the slower, winter months. We've compiled 5 great reasons why winter is the best time to buy.

1. Motivated Sellers // Homes for sale in the winter may be easier to negotiate due to many sellers relocating. Use that to your advantage and get a favorable deal.

2. Bargain Prices // Buying in the winter increases your purchasing power because the home prices are usually at an annual low.

3. Seasonal Perspective // You're purchase with peace of mind knowing that the home is well insulated from the cold and its heating system works properly.

4. Competitive Advantage // Fewer buyers equates to less competition. Bidding wars are also less likely which means you'll have keys-in-hand in no time.

5. Realtor Availability // Homes sales are generally low in the winter months. You'll have your real estate agent and lender's undivided attention.*

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Article Provided by Gateless & Guaranteed Rate:

Lance Ray, Lender at Guaranteed Rate

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*Have questions? Considering buying? Speak to a specialized agent at One Realty Group today! Call/Email: 1.800.257.6021 //


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